Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vegas, Baby!

I go to Vegas to visit my family, not gamble. Although this time I did gamble. I made the decision to stay at the Stratosphere and not with family. I also got a rental car (Kia Soul, thank you). Best decision, EVER! I didn't feel pressured to spend time with family, I did my own thing and did some neat photography, visited family, family visited me, and I had time with my nephew, and got a haircut.

My family can be intense. My sister and I are already planning how we're going to do Vegas for the holidays. Even though they are intense, I love them very much. I would love to do this again. The money is so worth the frustration.

Nothing really new on the medication front. Nothing new on the job front. I have alot of phone calls to make tomorrow. And after that's done, I can start working on how I'm going to answer questions that I should have been able to answer, but wasn't able to, like "What are some comprehension strategies for readers who struggle?" Deer in headlights look... I'm a reading specialist, I should know this... Deer in headlights look... smile... On to the next question...crap.
So I'm going to write out some key points and bring them with me to the interview, kinda like cheat sheets, but I think it's fine, given the situation... we'll call them ADA accomodations.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Unexpected Quickie Trip

After the talking to we got in Board Chambers about what my position is and isn't, I decided to go out to Vegas. We're supposed to make phone calls, which I can do from Vegas, and positions for me are few and far between. I've figured out how much I really am qualified to teach, and it's not much, I think, unfortunately. I'll call down to Springfield for help some time in the next few weeks, but not until Tuesday!!! I'm out to Vegas. I'm actually going to be a "tourist" even though my family lives there! First on the agenda, Mom's house!

I'll be gone from the 8th until the 13th.

I was worried that this was a bit of a manic episode, but I can tell it's not. Everything I've been doing has been in preparation for the trip. I haven't bought anything, I haven't gotten strange ideas in my head, I haven't had any impulse buys, I haven't been up all night, and I've been eerily calm in my head. The only thing that I'm thinking of is what needs to be planned for the trip. Again, advance planning. I'm bringing a book to try and read. It's the next in the series of Rick Riordian. This was an impulse buy back in the day.

Here's to a great mini vacation!

.5 Seroquel
2000mg Depakote
100mg Lamictal
100mg Levothyroxine

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I haven't been posting mostly because I don't want to deal with the hassle of my internet provider. But, now at the library, I can update a few things. I am going on vacation! I'm going to Las Vegas to visit my family and I'm hoping that it will keep me going until December.

We were told what our rights and responsibilities are yesterday for my job. I'm in the reappointed job pool. We get to have 30 days excused paid with no work responsibilities other than looking for a job. My first day on Monday I am going to make some phone contacts that I had started over the summer.

Not too much different in the medication department. Really trying to watch in case a manic episode should appear when Seroquel is completely gone. I'm down to 150mg.

My obliviousness is even more obvious now. I ask really dumb questions. I mean questions that can be found on a sign, menu, or building. Geez! That is so frustrating, like yesterday, I asked what is your phone number. One person said well you have both of mine on the letter you got, the other person said oh my phone numbers are... Whatever... I've gotten used to people pointing out the obvious.

Medications: 150 mg Seroquel
1500 mg Lithium
2000mg Depakote
100mg Lamictal
100mg Levothyroxine for hypothyroidism
10mg Ambien for sleep