Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Going up

These past few weeks have sent me into a slightly hypo manic state.  I was taking a small dose of Zoloft and with my body being so sensitive to small changes of medicine.  Now, I'm taking 200 mg of Seroquel to help counter the hypo mania.    Many things are contributing to this episode.  First, the end of the school year is near.  It is a busy time already, I've added my own goal directed activity of completing curriculum maps for my subject area.  Additionally I'm cleaning the house because my mom is coming to visit, which always throws a wrench into my moods.  

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Been a while

Haven't posted in forever! Slowly learning to live with bipolar, but its still hard. I'm constantly wondering if I'm heading into a manic or depressive episode. I've only had 1 depressive episode this year. Not sure when the other shoe is going to drop and I'll have to deal with a manic period. When it happens I will deal with it like I always do. But this time if I'm taking Zyprexa, I'll have to figure out public transportation. I am too sleepy to drive with that medication. I actually got into an accident because I fell asleep at the wheel. I've got to be responsible too.
Last year about this time I was in an accident that changed my life. A man ran a red light and I smashed into him head-on. I honked my horn for him to see me, but he didn't. My right wrist was broken immediately. I went to the hospital and it was confirmed a colles fracture. I went to an orthopedic surgeon and scheduled the surgery for the following week. I had a titanium plate screwed into my bones I was in a cast for a week and then into a plastic splint. Life was difficult last summer as I was rehabilitating my arm, looking for a job, and having a summer vacation. It wasn't much of one.
All back to normal except for a few pain spots on my wrist. I was in close contact with my pdoc during that time.
Medications that I am taking now: 1200 mg lithium, 50 mg lamictal, and 275mg levothyroxin (synthroid)

Guess that's all for now!