Monday, September 1, 2008

It wasn't as bad as I thought!

Today was my first day running for 1 minute. I got up early to get outside on a day off. Walked for 9 (really 12 minutes) and then ran for a minute. I thought it was going to be harder to do the run, but one of my friends had explained that a run does not have to be moving fast. Just as long as you're doing the motion, you're running. So I kept those words in mind. I probably ran a little over a block before I looked at my time. I felt so accomplished this morning! So, the next time I run it's going to be a five minute walk then a 1 minute run done in a cycle of 2. My thought is to bring up my endurance first before I start thinking about longer distances.

Shamrock Shuffle- I may want to do something else, since my friend told me it's very popular. I'll look around on the internet to find something else around that time that will be equally as long.

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