Sunday, September 7, 2014

My new hobby and other stuff

Since my accident, I have not been able to participate in a hobby that doesn't give me pain in my wrist. Usually, I would cross-stitch, sew, or make scrapbook pages. I really enjoyed doing these things, but haven't been participating in any hobbies for about 2 1/2 years. I went to the Grand Canyon this summer and saw this book. At first, I didn't think about having a new hobby. I got it because I go to national parks frequently and I thought I could do something with the book and visiting parks. My mom is actually the one who suggested that I could make a new hobby with this. Even though I've visited many, I can always go back and get my sticker and cancellation stamp. Next up is the Jefferson memorial park where the arch is. Travel is a bit hindered for me, because I fall asleep pretty easily if I'm tired. So travel is a bit more difficult, now, but I do try to rest before I leave. 

School has started for the year. I'm working on figuring out what the curriculum and IEPs are dictating for the students. I think I've got it figured out for the year.  I'm in a different space this year. My co teacher and I are in different rooms. The school is under construction and I'm appreciative of the fact that I don't have to change rooms each period.  

I went to visit friends in S. Illinois for the first time in about 2 years. I had so much fun. I need to make it there again more often. 

I've been extremely tired the past few months. I usually hit a wall around 2 to 3 pm.  I've always been the one who doesn't nap, even in college. Now, I'm lucky if I can make it through the day. Sometimes I just have my eyes closed and nothing happens. I've been really struggling with sleep. Sleep is important because if I don't sleep, something can possibly happen. More sleep is usually indicative of depression and less sleep can lead to hypomania, and excess spending and overly directed activity along with racing thoughts, all of which I do not want, especially now. 

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Suzy said...

It's a fun hobby! :) I thought about getting one for myself several times, but never did get one. By the way, did you know that Edgar Allan Poe's home in Philly is in the book! LOL!!!! Let's pay another visit to the creepy house. OXOX