Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bad News

I've made the decision not to go on my Northwest Trip this summer. Too many things are happening here which made me uncomfortable leaving until August. Not only that, but I had one training lined up that I thought I could swing with my trip, but then two more got added on. Plus, my BF is having a baby and I would like to be around for her while she recovers and see the baby.
Also, another friend is having twins and may need my help on July 22, so I will stay around to make sure everything is good around here until August, and then I will travel to visit my family in Las Vegas.
Still counting down for the cruise though! I can't wait! Less than a week to go!


Suzy said...

Awwww.. you will have fun anyways!!!! :) Still planning to go to camp?

hiking_girl said...

I plan to do little weekend excursions.