Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Purchases

I purchased a road map and a campground and RV atlas. I've already marked the outline of where I will definitely be going. What I need to do next is to add in the places that I'm actually going to visit and match them up to the book.

I will also need to contact the people that I would like to see along the way. I have one friend in Oregon, and a family friend in LA that I need to contact to let them know that I will be visiting this summer.

Planning where I'm going and figuring out where and how long I will be somewhere has turned into a pain. I am bringing my kitty along with me over the summer because it's too expensive to have someone come in and check on him all summer long. I can't leave him at my dad's house because his dog is really big and will make my kitty scared. Although I'm pretty sure I've done a good enough job of that. I'm not going to my mom's house until the end of the summer. I wouldn't want to leave him at MBF's, My Best Friend's, house with a new baby. So, the best solution is to bring him with me. He should be able to roam around in the tent and really be able to roam around the car while we're driving. (I say we because S wants to come with me on some or all of the trip. My sister, M, may also go along for part of the ride.)

I'm in sort of a dilemma. Do I put the money I've saved up into the bank in a separate savings account or do I just keep it here at home. Sometimes it makes me nervous having so much money in the house, but at least I know where it is if it is here with me. I'm able to count and recount my savings and it gives me something to do for a few minutes, when I need something to do. I may just keep the money here. If I put it in the bank then I have to leave it in the account for at least 6 months. I could put it in with my current savings account, but I don't want to get too confused between what I've got and what I've already saved up. I think I'll just keep it here at home until it's time to go on the trip. I'll figure something out between now and then.
If I have any money left over, I will start saving for the big backpacking trip across Europe in a few years (2?) Yeah, I'm gonna throw it out there, anyone interested in a summer long backpacking trip across Europe. I want to be able to visit many parts of Europe, so it will be long and adventurous.

In other news, I'm going to be leaving to visit my family for Christmas on Saturday. I will be gone for the entire two weeks and hopefully I will be well rested when I come back on Sunday, January 6. I've already got a busy 2008 in January lined up.

I guess that's enough rambling for now.

Happy Holidays

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