Saturday, December 8, 2007

Am I ready for vacation??

I am so excited for the cruise that will be happening in March! This is my first cruise. S and I have decided what we're going to be doing for all of the land excursions... Mayan ruins, zip lines, ATV drives through the jungle and then snorkeling or enjoying ourselves on the beach. I am not one to over pack my vacations with too much in terms of activities. How is that fun? I would like to have one or two major activities a day and just take my time in doing them. And enjoy myself.

I've been on the lookout for good deals for airfare. We're going in March, so it's spring break season in Miami. So... I hope that I'll be able to get a good deal for the flight. I'm anticipating spending money for a hotel room for Friday night and also for Saturday night, March 22. We won't be flying back immediately, we're going to stay one night before we make any plans... again, this falls into my "it's vacation" mentality. Why rush when you can take your time and have the same arrangements?

I haven't made any big plans for summer, yet. I am waiting for a United States fold out map. That's probably something I could have picked up today, while I was out. Maybe I'll make another excursion out and pick this up tonight so that I can begin to plan over Winter Break. I will be getting a significant amount of money next week, so I might be able to spend some and purchase the annual pass and the Hostelling International membership so that I would be able to begin to make plans for each place that I am going to visit.

One thing I am concerned about is what to do with my kitty cat while I am gone. Should I bring him with me? Should I leave him with a friend? Should I pay to have someone come in while I'm gone? So many questions...

I will not be starting my summer vacation right away when school lets out in June. My very good friend is expecting around that time and will be having a C-Section. I'm going to begin the summer by going to visit her and help take care of her little boy before I can begin my trip. D, my sister, is also expecting around this time and I may be able to visit her and her little one when s/he is still little! I am definitely making a stop to visit family for the summer!

So many things to think about, so many things to do, so little time to complete it all!

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Melvia said...

Cool Blog! :) I didn't know you were planning on a cruise in the Carribean too! I wish I could go...:(

You and S will have fun! XOXO See ya soon!