Saturday, March 14, 2009


Yesterday, my friend, MHD, and I met up to talk about some upcoming races that we're going to be involved in. We have both already signed up for the Chicago Marathon in October, but we thought we would need some practice as the marathon is about 7 months away. I already did my first 5K with a time of 48:50 and was happy that I finished in under an hour. MHD and I are going to run in another 5K in May. We'll see if her plans can be finalized for that race.

Today, I ran for 2.09 miles and had a pace of 14:22/mile which is pretty good for a beginner. I'm not looking to shave my time off just yet. I'm working on getting the endurance part right now. I ran for about 30 minutes continously. I haven't quite met this goal, but I'm really close. I'm walking about 2-3 minutes only during the run. So I'm running close to 27-28 minutes continously. I think I can be proud of that accomplishment. I found that watching the clock was harder for me. It's easier if I can just decide on a distance and run the distance with the short breaks in between. So, that's what I've been doing lately. Last week I ran 2 times with 1.05 miles each and this today I ran the 2.09.

In other news, I'm glad that I finally have the motivation to start running again. I'm glad that I just have motivation for things period. I think knowing that spring is just around the corner and the weather is in the 4o's and 50's makes it easier. Taking antidepressants makes things alot easier! From the two periods of depression that I've been through, this recent one was by far the most difficult one I've been through. I had never been in a situation where I couldn't get focused on anything, work related or life related. That was really frustrating for me. Then, as the medicine started working, I could begin to relax knowing that I would be able to get my work done, which had been piling up for the past 2-3 months.

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