Sunday, July 20, 2014


So much has happened in the past month!  Dad did get listed with UNOS and his local transplant service. We've talked about insurance... One if those sticky stubborn areas and he will be making a change in October. His next big decision is "advance directives". Dad now knows the importance of these documents after talking to friends and watching switches at birth. That has made my job easier on this front, but I've also been asking him for the past 10 years to complete something like this so I would at least know what to do in that case. I know it's hard to think about but good to have. So he will complete this soon. I tried not to influence his decision about who to give that information to; it's most likely me. 

I've been working on getting an intermittent leave of absence. I had the one form filled out and I see cps has changed vendors for fmla's. So I have a new form that needs to be changed😏😏

I started running recently. I feel great when I start but my motivation is terrible. I got a friend for that and we are meeting every week. That's nice it holds us accountable and I've been sharing with my doctor. 

I'm going to Las Vegas in the next few weeks. Summer is quickly winding down.



Melvia said...

Pretty shoes! I'll run with you when you're here! So excited to see you soon!! Xo

Michael said...

Advanced directives are so hard to discuss but I'm glad you know they're for the best. Hopefully you won't have to deal with any of those questions for many, many years to come.

Congrats on running. It's tough but you'll feel better each time you do it.

Suzy said...

Go Go Go Superstar!!! :)