Friday, July 8, 2011

Double Star

A night or two ago, I posted on my blog by using my phone. I'm not a big fan of that, so I'll just use my laptop. That's what it's here for anyway, isn't it? Right into today's news, I sent out 4 resumes for 5 positions. It took nearly all day and I started when I woke up, and didn't finish until 4:00! The pdoc said I got double stars for my work today! When I finished, I rewarded myself with going to the movies. There are several movies that are on my list to watch. Today, I watched Horrible Bosses. This movie is like 10 stars in my book! Very funny and kept me entertained which most movies don't.

Last night, the principal told me to call the school. I told him that I did. My friend on the interviewing committee says that they're going through a second round of interviews. I asked her if I needed to contact the Assistant Principal or not. She said that I did not need to and that she'll remember me for the position with a wink. I'm hoping that's a hint to the job! I'm hoping that most of the interviewees are non signing, which would give me a fantastic shot at getting the job! Anyway, pretty good news around here!

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