Saturday, July 9, 2011

Feeling Better

I have slowly started to feel better after the surgery. No pain from all the incisions has made me happy. This means that I've stopped taking the Norco "Hydrocodone" narcotic pain killer that I've been taking pretty much close to a month. Well, I stopped taking it two days ago... guess what? Withdrawals. I now understand why the druggies twitch all over when they're going through the drawals... I felt like my clothes were too hard on my body... cloth, too hard on my body. That was crazy, I then felt like I couldn't stop jerking my hands and arms... luckily I pretty much have a pharmacy in my kitchen, so I took a 1mg of Klonopin, which I know will knock me out. So, I took one and fell asleep within 45 minutes, at 5:15am.

Well, I thought I was done with that withdrawal... last night I had withdrawals... in my legs, they were all jerky and my pants felt too hard on my skin... Got it my clothes feel hard, not a good feeling, so instead of waiting until 4:30 am to take the medicine, I took it at 11 or 12 am. Well, the first one didn't work, so I took two 1mg Klonopins... that knocked me out within 15 mins. My hope is that the withdrawals will be done and my clothes do not feel hard against my skin again.

Bipolarness isn't really being affected today... my medications changed on Thursday, again we're trying to reduce the Seroquel. This hasn't been successful in the past, because I usually become manic when it goes down, but it hasn't been tried with the Lithium. And lithium usually helps with both manic and depressive symptoms. Now that my mood is very stable, neither up or down, with a Lithium level of .64, and the pdoc says he wants to keep it there.

It's a low dose, I'm happy with that, I am extremely sensitive to medications. They kept saying in the hospital, you don't need much because you're so sensitive to narcotics, well good! That'll keep me away from narcotics on the streets!

I'm enjoying the Harry Potter weekend. I usually just have it on for noise and I can't believe I've watched close to 3 already. I had intentions of watching Zookeeper today, but I guess I'll try to catch it tomorrow.


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