Sunday, July 17, 2011

The importance of having structure

In having bipolar, I've learned that I need to have structure in my day. This weekend, I did not have structure, or the structure was wake up a bit and then fall asleep for hours. Yesterday I woke up at 5pm and today I woke up at 6pm. Wow! I must have needed it, and it kept me busy, but I cannot do this everyday. In one of my books I'm reading about having bipolar disorder, it suggests that having things in order will help to reduce stress, which brings on alot of the symptoms, mania and depression, in me. This makes total sense. When I was taking my online classes last semester, I had to take incompletes, because I wasn't ready, by having them written down, for the projects and became completely overwhelmed. So, for the next two semesters, I'm taking off, hopefully the stress of starting back to school will be minimal. Especially if I can keep my projects written down and keep track of them.

So, I am starting to write everything down. I used to be completely faithful in writing everything, somehow in the midst of everything, I left that behind, which has made me extremely stressed in school. I'm going to start doing that again in order to help prevent stress.

In the job hunt, I'm still looking. I've been on a few interviews, without any hires. I'm hoping for one school that would be very similar to my previous school. I do very well with that type of student. So, my principal and I are working on that school. I'm going to school and taking all my stuff that I haven't taken yet, which is alot! And, it will give my principal and I a parting point. He doesn't want to lose me, but he has to. And, I have to leave.

Things that I'm also thinking about are unemployment, food stamps, state prescription program, if I don't have any prospects at a job. I'll cut off all my extras and just live with the bare minimum, which is extremely stressful, but I continue to look.


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Michael said...

We're all keeping our fingers crossed the perfect job pops up.