Thursday, July 7, 2011

A new format...

Today I talked with the p doc.  We determined that the reason why I couldn't focus and had no concentration is because I was overmedicated. How did that happen?? Previously, I was in a manic episode, and we needed something that would make me slow down quickly.  That is why the high dosages of seoquel.  But we are going to take it slow, coming off the medication, now that lithium is working for me.  Hopefully I won't be able too far into a manic stage.  So again, a little switch up in the medications;not too bad this time. 
I tried to go out using jeans... Nope! That was painful. So I had to put my sweat pants on.
After talking to the pdoc, he gets me to commit to sending out 6 resumes!  Are you kidding?!  So I spent this evening looking at and reviewing schools.  Tomorrow, the send out happens.  I'm still waiting to hear back from the other school.  But, while I'm waiting, to hear back, i'm going to send out and work on looking for a job.  I am looking for something that will be less stressful.  My current job is very high stress which is a contributer to my illness and I need to leave asap, without making any waves. 
This is a new format because I am posting with my phone... Awesome!
Current medications: 200mg lamictal, 600mg seroquel, 900 mg lithium.

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